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"All I can do is be me, whoever that is."

Bob Dylan



While trained in a variety of modalities, I primarily work from a psychodynamic and modern psychoanalytic framework. Of course every story is different and every person has individual needs, and my approach adjusts to those demands. I provide therapy in the following contexts:


Adolescent and Young Adult Therapy

  -Identity Formation  -Launching  -Early Independence


Individual Therapy

  -Depression  -Anxiety  -Relationships  -Trauma


Couples Therapy

  -Communication  -Emotional/Sexual Intimacy  -Parenting


Family Therapy

  -Parent/Child Conflicts  -Parent/Parent Conflicts  -Child/Child Conflicts


Group Therapy

  -Isolation  -Shame Reduction  -Support


Other specialties and areas of interest include:

  -Addiction and Recovery

  -Dual Diagnosis

  -Men’s Issues

  -Diversity, immigration and acculturation

  -Class mobility

  -LGBT concerns














































John Chebultz, MFT, PSEP, CGP         315 South Beverly Drive, Suite 307, Beverly Hills, California 90212          310.288.1650

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